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About SHERP Northeast

SHERP Northeast is your one-stop exclusive SHERP dealer for sales, service, parts, upfitting, and accessories servicing Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. SHERP Northeast can handle all service and maintenance on your SHERP ATV. From oil changes, scheduled maintenance, or the help you need to get your SHERP back up and going again, SHERP Northeast is here for your SHERP needs.

SHERP Front End

When you are looking to buy an ATV that has no rival, and experience world-class customer service to support it, you’ve found the place for both.

Those are bold statements, and we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Schedule a demo with us today, and you can put both of those assertions to the test. We’re always happy to provide demos to first responders, military, utility companies, agribusiness, other commercial applications, hunters, and recreational users. SHERP is so versatile and capable, it can fit a multitude of business and personal applications. There are three SHERP models, SHERP Pro, SHERP Pickup, and SHERP Ark. All three models offer the same versatility with different capabilities. Regardless of which model you choose, you’re getting a very capable unit. From the high buoyancy thanks to the sealed body, and tires of 800 liters volume each, to being able to get you through the roughest terrains, SHERP is the most capable ATV that you’ll ever experience. If you want to experience the capabilities of SHERP, then we want to demo it for you.

As you can imagine, we’re always going to be up to something pretty awesome. From demos, trade shows, outdoor adventures, and even #sherpfacts, you can see what we’re up to on our Instagram and Facebook pages. You can also sign up for our Newsletter so that you receive SHERP Northeast updates in your inbox. We promise that these emails will be worth opening and reading.